MuniBot is an intelligent chatbot agent designed to help municipal governments engage with their constituents.

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MuniBot brings the power of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to local government, so it is always learning and improving to give your residents the best experience possible.

Improve Customer Service & Reduce Costs

Answer your residents' questions 24/7 and increase government responsiveness in your community!

Reach your residents via Amazon Alexa

On Your Website

We'll provide easy embed code to put your new chatbot right on your existing town website

In Facebook Messenger

Answer questions automatically from your town's FB Page

Alexa & Google Home

Bring city hall into your constituents kitchens!


Answer questions for your committees and staff using Slack

MuniBot has the answer to hundreds of the most common questions asked by local residents. We will work with you to gather all the info and train your community's bot with all the local details

Sample Questions for your municipal chatbot

MuniBot In Action
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