How It Works

In today’s always on / multi-channel world, your town’s residents have come to expect information to be available wherever and whenever they want it. They don’t understand why they can order a custom embroidered dog bed from France at 2 o’clock in the morning in their bunny slippers, but if they want to renew their dog license they have to come down to city hall between 9 and 4:30pm and line up at the counter. MuniBot helps solve that problem, by bringing your municipal government’s services into the 21st century through the power of artificial intelligence municipal service bots.

Knowledge Management

MuniBot has an easy to use Knowledge Management System that enables your staff to log in via the web to update any of the hundreds of possible questions your residents might have. Responses can contain weblinks, phone numbers and explanations. There’s no costs for updates, and any changes are published instantly to all of your selected channels.

Always Learning

MuniBot is powered by Google’s artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, backed by thousands of servers which are constantly analyzing and learning from the interactions with all of your residents, and all the residents of all the other towns in our network around the world. This incredible natural language processing experience is what makes MuniBot easy to interact with, and avoids the frustrations of trying to interact with a narrow algorithm that only knows how to respond to a very limited set of questions. As time goes by and with more and more interactions, MuniBot will get even smarter and more natural to speak with.


Amazon’s Alexa can control your lights, can tell you the latest sports scores and even remind you to send your grandmother a birthday card. Now, she can help answer questions about your town’s services. “How much is a parking pass?”, “When are my property taxes due?” and “Who do I call for a building permit?” - All of these (and hundreds more) can be instantly available to your residents, right from their kitchen counter.

Google Assistant

With more than a billion Android smartphones already in the market, Google’s Assistant is becoming completely ubiquitous. The direct connection with their Google Home devices as well, is going to condition your residents to simply say “Hey Google…” anytime they want to know anything. MuniBot connects the Google Assistant with the full knowledgebase of details about your town. Now your residents will be able to say: “Hey Google, when is the next recycling day?” and have instant access to the latest information from your team.

Facebook Messenger

It is crazy to think that 2 Billion people use Facebook every month. It has become a daily part of many of our lives, and it’s community groups have replaced the town square as the virtual gathering place for a lot of communities. You can now make your town’s Facebook page fully responsive and informed by connecting it with your MuniBot knowledgebase via Facebook Messenger, providing 24/7 answers to all of your residents’ questions.

Town Website

Your community has already made a substantial investment in your town website. There’s lots of great information on there, so long as someone is willing to spend some time hunting around for it. Adding a MuniBot service agent widget right onto your front page making your site "voice enabled" for residents to ask any questions they have and get immediate answers in plain English.


Not everyone has a smartphone, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have access to municipal services. With MuniBot’s SMS option, your town’s full knowledgebase becomes available to all of your residents via a simple SMS message. Residents can send questions 24/7 and receive instant, easy to understand replies in plain English.

Phone System

The number one channel for inquiries in most municipalities, especially amongst elderly residents is simply picking up the phone and calling the main line at city hall. However, this is also the most expensive tying up your staff answering the same questions over and over. MuniBot’s phone option allows you to provide an option on your existing phone menu for residents to get immediate answers through our automated system. After hours calls can also be automatically forwarded giving your office 24/7 coverage.

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